2016-2020 Camaro SS/ZL1 Remote Tune

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6th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Remote Tuning requirements:

  • MPVI2 Interface [$299.99]
  • 2016 Requires 2 Credits [$99.98]
  • 2017-2020 Requires 4 Credits [$199.96]


For us to complete our remote tuning services, the customer is responsible for the purchase of their own HP Tuners MPVI2 interface and the credits needed to unlock their vehicle, and if applicable, PCM modification service for tuning. Everything you will need to have your vehicle tuned is available for purchase through our online store. If your vehicle is not equipped with factory wideband sensors, a wideband sensor will need to be installed in order to correctly calibrate the wide-open throttle fueling. Additionally, the customer is also responsible for having their own laptop capable of data logging as well as sending and receiving tune files through email. 

Upon purchase of our remote tuning services, you will be emailed with instructions to complete the process, as well as how to pull your stock tune, load tune revisions, and a layout specific to your vehicle for datalogging.